In this piece, we explore a technique for YAML pipeline modularization in Azure DevOps using YAML templates.

image credit: Microsoft Docs

Whether you are on a development team or working on a solo project, there are a few reasons why you might consider using templates for your Azure DevOps pipelines.

Organizing your pipeline into multiple file components in your version control system allows for ease of substitution & reuse of each job , stage or step.

In terms of team collaboration — templates allow for ease of code reviews for individual pipeline components, efficiency gains through modularity as your pipelines mature, and even better…

Procreate 5X has this really cool feature that allows you to generate the color palette of a provided image. For those of us who don’t have an iPad (and enjoy spontaneous coding projects), here’s one way you could make your own color palette generator in python.

Kyler Mintah

Customer Engineer @ Microsoft

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